Caviar Facts

Delicious Caviar is More Affordable Than You Think!

Kaluga Caviar

The perception is that when you buy black caviar you’re going to have to take out a mortgage for it.

But this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, there are some amazing, delicious caviar available for less than $80 per ounce, a steal by caviar standards — RUSSIAN OSETRA CAVIAR ($78 for 1oz), WHITE STURGEON CAVIAR  ($54.50 for 1oz), and SIBERIAN OSETRA CAVIAR ($49 per 1oz), just to name a few.

We actually recommend starting with the lower-priced options if you’re a caviar beginner because if the price is higher, the caviar will have matured longer and will thereby have a stronger taste you should really acquire over time.

RUSSIAN OSETRA KARAT CAVIAR is produced by “Caviar Galilee”, one of the longest-running fish farms in the Kibbutz Dan in Israel. The Russian Osetra fingerlings, which are imported to the Farm directly from the Caspian Sea, are raised in conditions that are most similar to natural conditions, enabling the quality of world-known and prized elite caviar. The delicious taste, freshness and high quality of genuine Russian Osetra Caviar make Karat Caviar a pure delight.

White Sturgeon Caviar is smooth and slightly nutty, with a firm texture. With an intense aroma and an unmistakable flavor, this exquisite caviar is large sized. Caviar experts will particularly love the translucent color of the eggs, which can vary from Golden brown to dark color with a glossy appearance. This caviar originates from Italy and can be compared to the taste of the Caspian Russian Osetra caviar.

Siberian OSETRA Caviar – famed raised in commercial fisheries. Caviar produces a medium-sized roe that is light to dark grey in color. The highlight is the Siberian OSETRA Caviar’s flavor, which is revered for its firm bead with a strong taste of the sea. The Siberian Sturgeon usually matures within 8 years, averaging over 100 pounds in weight and 5 feet in length.

If you are trying caviar for the first time, make sure to try it on its own. You don’t need all of the blinis and creme fraiche and other accoutrements: just enjoy it on its own. If it’s your second, third, fourth time trying it, however, do whatever you like. Just remember to savor the experience, which is what matters the most!

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