Caviar Facts

How to Best Store Caviar?

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Whether it’s imported black caviar or American caviar, the most important factor in storing caviar is keeping the product at the proper temperature.

When eating black caviar, always use a mother of pearl, bone, wood, or glass spoon.  Stainless steel utensils can alter the flavor and give the caviar a tinny taste.

How to Best Store Caviar?

Black Caviar should be stored at 26 – 35 degrees Fahrenheit.  The coldest part of the refrigerator is usually the back.  The safest way to store caviar at the proper temperature is to place the caviar on a bed of ice in a sealed bag and change the ice when it melts.  Unopened, glass jars will last up to 12 months. Metal cans: 2-3 weeks. Once a can or jar is opened, caviar should be enjoyed within a few days.

If you wish to store an opened jar or tin of caviar longer than a few days, it’s best to cover the remaining caviar with a small piece of plastic wrap to prevent air from getting to the caviar.

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