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How to choose black caviar?


Black caviar has always been associated with a luxurious and prosperous life, it is a symbol of prosperity and success. This delicacy is expensive, but it’s also available to those who are not on the list of millionaires. From time to time many can afford a jar of black caviar. But how to choose black caviar, so as not to be disappointed?

Which caviar is the best? Types of black caviar.

There are several varieties of black caviar, and before you go to the store, it is better to figure out how the processing of caviar and caviar of which fish are better.

Beluga – This is the most expensive caviar. It is easy to distinguish it by the large size of the eggs – it can reach 3.5 mm. The color of beluga caviar is not black, but rather grayish-silver. Beluga caviar shell is so thin that it literally melts in the mouth. True Beluga Caviar was banned in the US in 2005. OLMA Caviar was the first company in the US to introduce a legal variety – OLMA Beluga Hybrid Caviar.

Sturgeon –  Sturgeon caviar is a bit smaller than beluga, the size of eggs rarely exceeds 2.5 mm. The color of sturgeon caviar can be gray or grayish brown. Sturgeon caviar is almost as good as beluga by taste and beneficial properties. OLMA White Sturgeon Caviar will take your dining experience to new pleasurable heights.

Osetra – Osetra caviar is considered the most popular of all types of black caviar. The color of Osetra caviar is dark gray or black. OLMA Osetra Caviar is undoubtedly one of the best.

How to choose caviar correctly?

  1. Price

    Black caviar is not cheap. The fair price is starting at $70 for 3.5oz (100g), depending on the variety. If you see caviar, which is much cheaper, do not even hesitate – they want to deceive you.

  2. Manufacturer

    For many years, caviar was mined at sea – mainly in the Caspian. Today, however, sturgeon are bred in aquaculture enterprises. Uncontrolled fishing in natural waters is too heavy a load for the ecosystem. Nowadays, caviar is mainly obtained from fish grown in captivity, and females do not die after extraction, as before, special technologies allow for obtaining caviar in a gentle way. Consider manufacturers with known history on the market.

  3. Containers

    Black caviar is sold in glass and tin cans. Glass packaging allows you to immediately assess the type of caviar, its color and grain size. Keep in mind that pasteurized caviar can be stored in a glass jar for no more than 6 months. Checking the quality of caviar in tin containers is more difficult. Experts recommend shaking the tin – if the caviar inside is “dangling”, if there is a feeling that the jar is half full of liquid, return it to the shelf – this is poor-quality caviar.

  4. Black caviar must be certified

    The high quality of the product is indicated by the accompanying documents, which a conscientious manufacturer necessarily provides. They should state that caviar obtained from sturgeon grown in aquaculture and that it has CITES permission.

  5. Appearance

    Some people think that the blacker the caviar, the better. But in reality, the opposite is true – caviar with a light grain is more appreciated. The color of high-quality ripe caviar varies from silver-black to gray-brown. Black caviar is smaller than red, but the size of the eggs may vary. The larger the grain, the older the fish was, and therefore black caviar with large eggs is valued higher – it is rarer. What matters is not only the size but also the quality of the grain. Eggs must be whole, not crushed, of the same size.

  6. Taste and smell

    High-quality black caviar has a very faint odor, which most people almost can not catch. A strong, bright fishy smell is a sign of fake or spoiled caviar. The taste of real black caviar is tender, salted. Excess salt and pronounced bitter taste is a very bad sign. Such eggs should not be eaten at all if your health is dear to you. The best black caviar has a rich taste with creamy peanut notes, and the bitterness, if present, should be barely noticeable – this is a sign of the highest quality caviar.

  7. Serving

    It is not enough to choose the best black caviar – it must also be properly served, so as not to spoil the taste. There are two traditions of serving: Russian and European. According to the Russian tradition, caviar is served in large porcelain or glass vases, from where it is laid out on plates with a silver spatula. In Europe, black caviar is served in special small caviar – vases, installed in containers filled with crushed ice (this way caviar stays cold longer). Caviar is served with pearl or bone spoon, but not a metal spoon by any means – the roe coexists badly with base metals.

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