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    Imperial Caviar Gift Set

    4 oz of premium caviar in one set. This gift set comes with everything your need to enjoy a true caviar feast. OLMA Caviar exclusive gift set offers: Beluga Caviar, Siberian Osetra Aurora Caviar, Osetra Caviar, and White Sturgeon Caviar, served on French mini blinis and Creme Fraiche with Mother of Pearl caviar spoon, all in a wonderful mini cooler gift bag.
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    Prestige Collection Gift Box

    4 oz of Premium Caviar in one set. Taste true elegance with this "Prestige Collection" Gift Box exclusively from OMLA, offering: Beluga Sturgeon, Osetra, White Sturgeon, Siberian Osetra Aurora Caviar, all in a luxury gift box, that is perfect for your table presentation. We even include the Mother of Pearl caviar spoon.
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    Džiugas® Gourmet Hard Cheese Set

    This Set of 3 Džiugas cheeses is an ideal product for your Cheese Board. Surprise your guests with a variety of highest-quality cheeses from an award-winning Lithuanian creamery that makes cheeses for nearly 100 years.
    • 12-month matured, mild in flavor, and will not only provide a great taste by itself but is also great in sandwiches or rolls, light meals, and as a breakfast ingredient.
    • 24-month matured, delicate with a subtle mature richness of flavor and a creamier golden appearance. This cheese is hard with real structure.
    • 36-month matured gourmet cheese is the aristocrat of Dziugas cheeses, delicate and delicious. It is perfect as an appetizer and ideal on any quality cheese board. Serve with fresh pears, melon slices, figs, and nuts alongside an excellent wine and it is the perfect indulgence. For an untraditional, but the surprisingly delicious approach, try eating this cheese with a cup of fragrant cappuccino. The balance of flavors is unexpected but delightful.
    All Dziugas cheese is made from only milk from grass-fed cattle, that graze the meadows in the summer sunshine. Lactose-FREE Product of Lithuania Net Weight 6.37 oz (180 g) each, set of 3.
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    Rougie Duck Foie Gras with Truffles 3.17 oz (90g)

    The traditional recipe is lightly seasoned with Truffles. This product is ideal for or as a unique gift.
    • Ready to serve
    • Perfect for canapés
    • Product of Canada
    • Net Weight: 3.17 oz (90g)
    • Ingredients Duck foie gras, water, armagnac (armagnac, salt, pepper), salt, sugar, white pepper, sodium erythorbate,  sodium nitrite.
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