OLMA Caviar - the finest gourmet caviar since 2001

OLMA is a major producer of fine caviar, meat, fish, and other gourmet foods since 2001. Located in the heart of New York, we import and pack the finest international foods all over the world. We are passionate about delivering exceptional quality products to individual consumers, restaurants, grocery chains, and other food distributors.

Many of our products are sold in gourmet stores nationwide. We are proud to operate our own OLMA Caviar Boutique & Bar at The Plaza Food Hall (The Plaza Hotel, Manhattan, New York, 5th Avenue).

As a top producer of fine caviar, OLMA imports dozens of varieties of the finest black caviar from Italy, Israel, East Asia, as well as sells wild-caught domestic black caviar, salmon caviar, and seafood products. We utilize many of the old-style methods during production in order to offer our customers deliciously fresh caviar. The superior taste is created using small amounts of salt. This method draws out the fine flavor of the black caviar, resulting in clean, nutty-tasting pearls with a creamy texture that customers love.

Why OLMA Caviar?

  • Every jar of caviar is hand-packed in our facility per order.
  • OLMA is a direct importer, producer, distributor of Caviar in the USA.
  • We have a long-term partnership with all of our supplying Aquafarms which allows us to monitor the entire process from harvest to shipping.
  • OLMA complies with all federal regulations including CITES permit.
  • OLMA Caviar is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified, when each shipment is received a sample is immediately sent to a lab for testing and inspection.

Fresh from Packing to Delivery

OLMA is committed to delivering safe, fresh products. To ensure this, we are continually improving our unique packaging system. We use a fully insulated temperature-retaining system that keeps all contents cool. All perishable products are shipped using overnight service. We proudly guarantee that all products you receive from OLMA are just as fresh as when they left our facilities.

Wholesale Foods Distribution

Our wholesale foods division takes pride in delivering the highest quality products to grocery chains, food distributors, and foodservice providers around the world and right here in our own neighborhood. We deploy a fleet of modern trucks to deliver our products fresh each day to establishments throughout New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

Our commitment to quality is only exceeded by our dedication to serving our customers. With decades of experience in this industry, we have established long-standing relationships with our customers all over the world, from individual consumers to national grocery chains.

For premium, high-quality caviar and smoked fish-think OLMA Caviar!